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WHY has the volunteer committee process changed?

Volunteers fill a key role for AzPA by helping to operationalize our strategic plans. Therefore, collecting
standardized information about our volunteers will allow staff and committee chairs to better utilize our members' skills and interests within the committee.
Overall, our hope is this process will result in improved communication and effectiveness within the AzPA volunteer community. 

WHAT is the process of becoming an AzPA volunteer?

To be considered for an
AzPA volunteer committee, you must submit an
AzPA Volunteer Application through your membership portal page by clicking HERE.

The application can also be accessed once the member has logged into their account:

HOW will I know that I have been approved to serve on a volunteer committee?

Once your application has been submitted online, our AzPA volunteer coordinator will review the data and assign the volunteer to their requested committee project or reach out regarding a better committee that may suit the volunteer. 

WHEN does my committee meet?


After staff has reviewed your application, you will be assigned to a committee project within AzPA’s volunteer platform & will have access to the committee(s) portal page.

You will need to log into your AzPA account to view this information:

Which volunteer committee can I apply for?

Currently, we are accepting applications for:

  • Education (CLICK HERE-for responsibilities/qualifications)
  • Membership Services
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Mentor Connection Program

To get a more detailed description of each committees' focus and goals, visit HERE.

General FAQs

Have more questions?

Email AzPA Membership & Volunteer Services